After many delays, we have finally dropped our latest collection of musical resistors...

GHOSTING - "Why Not Be Utterly Changed into Fire?" - cdr
OF - "The Awful Cloud" - cdr

and the first installment in our new series of music and video dvdrs

JRP - 3"dvdr

All of these are super limited and all of them are already sold out at our end of things... they are available (or will be in the next short while) at the usual suspects...

Aquarius Records
Release The Bats
Second Layer
Volcanic Tongue
and possibly a few other here and theres...

Here is the lowdown from the mouth of Pete...

"Of" "The Awful Cloud" CDR
I think I've mentioned previously that we decided a bit ago to invite a few more established folks to drop some of their own particular breed of trouble under the JYRK moniker.. We got to drop that Spiderwebs deal awhile back and now... we've got OF.. A.K.A. Loren Chasse.. I don't know if anyone else spent last year being haunted by this dude, but both "the Air In The Sand" and Thuja's "Pine Cone Temples" spent serious time in my disc player and on my brain. I HAD to ask Loren to kick something down.. So.. We have The Awful Cloud.. possibly the darkest piece of music I've heard from Loren.. It's all instruments... organs, guitar, bells and field recordings collaged into one beautiful and dark cloud. edition of 150
Ghosting "Why Not Be Utterly Changed Into Fire?" CDR
Last time we moved cities, we immediately stumbled onto Axolotl, Thuja and The Skaters.. Now that we're back in Portland, there's a lot of familiar faces making totally new sounds.. it's not quite the exciting discovery that the totally unknown bay had going for it, but it's been great seeing old buddies exploring new territory and to meet new folks who have really made this city their own... Ghosting, along with Ilyas Amhed and Pulse Emitter have all totally got our blood pumping in all sorts of weird ways.. Ghosting drop HEAVY HEAVY HEAVY drones that are extremely dense and constantly evolving at glacial paces, then.. every once in awhile, they'll drop a serious bomb and the piece will take off in all sorts of blissed and baffling directions.. These dudes are practically owning this town right now and this release finds them in TOP form. I can't really recommend this one highly enough. edition of 150
Maggoted CDR
Aside from Gabe and Liz, I've probably spent as much time with Robert Mayson from Grey Daturas in the last year as I have with anyone. I feel totally honored to have had time with the dude.... I can't think of a better dude to be trapped in a sweaty van with or out exploring odd aussie beach towns... No matter where you're at with the dude, he's always down for whatever trouble needs to happen. So.. when he and I were both camping at the old Huffin House in Oakland, where I was at the end of one tour, and he was at the beginning of his, we decided that we would form a band... Now.. there ARE plans for us to record in the future, I'm not sure if it'll be later this year or in ten years, I don't really care... that's all besides the point.. what does matter is that we slammed our skulls together for just about 30 minutes and dropped this egg out of the cracks... This is the entire recording history of the group thus far. the music is totally dense, repetitive and dark.. I think we were both listening to mirror a lot around then, but I can also hear heaps of early MAIN in there too.. Anyway, I felt great during this sesh and I'm always stoked to listen to this thing.. I hope ya'll are too. edition of 150
Yeah.. NEW SERIES OF RELEASES.. all 3" DVDRs.. the first one is the inspiration for the series.. we've got TONS of stuff lined up.. probably will be Eric Ostrowski next and then william sabiston or something... anyway.. I set up a show for BONUS at ATA in SF awhile back and Jamie Potter from Bonus scraped together this vid before their show.. all concertgoers were absolutely stunned by their piece of totally unflinching pristine minimalism... The DVD is an AMAZING work of video feedback.. Basically, the visuals are this constantly evolving feedback mandala..... it rolls on and on for 20 minutes and is totally alive. Jamie's soundtrack is equally stunning and not dissimilar to his work in Bonus, except possibly slowed down... This one's perfect for a night of cough syrup and tons of weed.. I can't even verbalize how stoked I am on this film. absolutely top notch work from Mr. Potter. Edition of 90


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